android-studio not showing - Restore LogCat window within Android Studio

7 Answers

Check if you have hidden it... Use Alt+6 to bring up the window and click on the button shown below 'Restore logcat view'

3.0 tab missing

I have recently started to use Android Studio v0.1.1, And i can't seem to find LogCat... Is it gone? Or if not, how can I enable it?

If it is gone, is there any way to enable something similar to log my app behavior (and mainly crashes)?

Tools-> Android -> Android Device Monitor

will open a separate window

In AndroidStudio menus click: View\Tool Windows\Android

Try going to Tools->Android->Enable ADB Integration

In my case it got automagically disabled

Apparantly, when logcat is opened and Android Studio is switched to fullscreen mode and back, the logcat window is nowwhere to be found.


Restart Android Studio.

way one :

you can use bin icon in logcat

way two: you can clear logcat after per lunch Edit Configuration > Miscellaneous

check Clear log before lunch

In Android Studio 2.3.2 you will have to click on "Android Monitor" panel at the bottom and "logcat" is a tab of this pannel. See attachment.

If you do not have this panel you will have to go to Your main menu and then View->ToolBar/ToolButtons/Statusbar/Navigationbar