angularjs angular parent - How to select an element by classname using jqLite?

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If elem.find() is not working for you, check that you are including JQuery script before angular script....

angular.element append css

I'm trying to remove jquery from my Angular.js app in order to make it lighter, and put Angular's jqLite instead. But the app makes heavy use of find('#id') and find ('.classname'), which are not supported by jqLite, only 'tag names' (as per documentation)

wondered what do u feel would be the best approach to change it. One approach I thought about is to create custom HTML tags. for example: change
<span class="btn btn-large" id="add-to-bag">Add to bag</span>


<a2b style="display:none;"><span class="btn btn-large" >Add to bag</span></a2b>





Any thoughts? other ideas?