iphone - linux How do I determine the target architecture of static library (.a) on Mac OS X?

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file will probably tell you. otool certainly should be able to. But I'd try file first, e.g.

logan:/Users/logan% file d2
d2: Mach-O executable ppc

Example with archive:

logan:/Users/logan% file /usr/lib/libMallocDebug.a
/usr/lib/libMallocDebug.a: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
/usr/lib/libMallocDebug.a (for architecture i386):      current ar archive random library
/usr/lib/libMallocDebug.a (for architecture ppc):       current ar archive
clang create static library

I'm interested in verifying if a given iPhone static library has been built for ARM or Intel.

It's more curiosity than anything. Is there some kind of Mac OS X or BSD specific tool to do this? This post gives an example in Linux.

As an alternative, I've found objdump can work well. As an example, in my environment I build library archives with vxWorks and need to link those into other projects. To test whether the archive is the correct architecture, I could do something like the following (bash syntax):

if [ "$(objdumpsparc -a ${ARCHIVE_FILE} 2>&1 | ggrep -cvP 'elf32-sparc-vxworks')" -ne "0" ]; then
  echo "Cannot build with ${ARCHIVE_FILE}, it contains one or more non-sparc components"

This example isn't precisely correct, because some lines DO show up that don't say elf32-sparc-vxworks, but it's easy enough to adapt this.

One nice benefit of this is that objdump, or a similarly named variant, is installed on most *nix operating systems, whereas tools suggested in other responses aren't.

edit It just occurred to me the OP was asking on OSX. My apologies.