[angularjs] angular ng-bind-html and directive within it

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Thanks for the great answer vkammerer. One optimization I would recommend is un-watching after the compilation runs once. The $eval within the watch expression could have performance implications.

  .directive('compile', ['$compile', function ($compile) {
      return function(scope, element, attrs) {
          var ensureCompileRunsOnce = scope.$watch(
            function(scope) {
               // watch the 'compile' expression for changes
              return scope.$eval(attrs.compile);
            function(value) {
              // when the 'compile' expression changes
              // assign it into the current DOM

              // compile the new DOM and link it to the current
              // scope.
              // NOTE: we only compile .childNodes so that
              // we don't get into infinite loop compiling ourselves

              // Use un-watch feature to ensure compilation happens only once.

Here's a forked and updated fiddle.


Plunker Link

I have a element which I would like to bind html to it.

<div ng-bind-html="details" upper></div>

That works. Now, along with it I also have a directive which is bound to the bound html:

$scope.details = 'Success! <a href="#/details/12" upper>details</a>'

But the directive upper with the div and anchor do not evaluate. How do I make it work?

Best solution what I've found! I copied it and it work's exactly as I needed. Thanks, thanks, thanks ...

in directive link function I have

     var addXml = function(){
     var el = $compile('<xml-definitions definitions="definitions" />')($scope);
     $scope.renderingElement = el.html();

and in directive template:

<span compile="renderingElement"></span>

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I could not get this to work for ages. I modified my ng-bind-html code to use this custom directive, but I failed to remove the $scope.html = $sce.trustAsHtml($scope.html) that was required for ng-bind-html to work. As soon as I removed this, the compile function started to work.