of value Getting the last non-empty cell in a row

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Okay, from what you've given if I understood correctly, you can use this formula in cell J1 and drag it down for the other rows below this cell:


This assumes that the 'longest row' goes up to the column I.

excel find last non zero value in row

I am having a lot of difficulty trying to come up with a way to 'parse' and 'order' my excel spreadsheet. What I essentially need to do is get the last non empty cell from every row and cut / paste it a new column.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to do this?

I appreciate any advice. Many thanks in advance!

Last non-empty cell in a column

This works with both text and numbers and doesn't care if there are blank cells, i.e., it will return the last non-blank cell.

It needs to be array-entered, meaning that you press Ctrl-Shft-Enter after you type or paste it in. The below is for column A:


Here is another option: =OFFSET($A$1;COUNTA(A:A)-1;0)