[ios] UITextView style is being reset after setting text property

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I ran into the same issue (on Xcode 6.1) and while John Cogan's answer worked for me, I found that extending the UITextView class with a category was a better solution for my particular project.


@interface UITextView (XcodeSetTextFormattingBugWorkaround)
    - (void)setSafeText:(NSString *)textValue;


@implementation UITextView (XcodeSetTextFormattingBugWorkaround)
- (void)setSafeText:(NSString *)textValue
    BOOL selectable = [self isSelectable];
    [self setSelectable:YES];
    [self setText:textValue];
    [self setSelectable:selectable];

I have UITextView *_masterText and after call method setText property font is being reset. It's happening after I change sdk 7. _masterText is IBOutlet, global and properties are set in storyboard. It's only me or this is general SDK bug?

@interface myViewController : UIViewController
  IBOutlet UITextView *_masterText;

@implementation myViewController

    [_masterText setText:@"New text"];

Its been 3 years and the bug still exists in the latest stable version of Xcode (7.3). Clearly apple wont be fixing it any time soon leaving developers with two options: leaving selectable on and setting UserInteractionEnabled to false or Method swizzling.

If you have a button on your textView the former will not suffice.

No-code-change-requied solution in swift:

import UIKit

extension UITextView {
    @nonobjc var text: String! {
        get {
            return performSelector(Selector("text")).takeUnretainedValue() as? String ?? ""
        } set {
            let originalSelectableValue = selectable
            selectable = true
            performSelector(Selector("setText:"), withObject: newValue)
            selectable = originalSelectableValue


#import <objc/runtime.h>
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

@implementation UITextView (SetTextFix)

+ (void)load {
    static dispatch_once_t onceToken;
    dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{
        Class class = [self class];

        SEL originalSelector = @selector(setText:);
        SEL swizzledSelector = @selector(xxx_setText:);

        Method originalMethod = class_getInstanceMethod(class, originalSelector);
        Method swizzledMethod = class_getInstanceMethod(class, swizzledSelector);

        BOOL didAddMethod =

        if (didAddMethod) {
        } else {
            method_exchangeImplementations(originalMethod, swizzledMethod);

- (void)xxx_setText:(NSString *)text {
    BOOL originalSelectableValue = self.selectable;
    self.selectable = YES;
    [self xxx_setText:text];
    self.selectable = originalSelectableValue;


In iOS 8.3, the workaround of setting "selectable" to YES before the setText, and NO after, didn't fix it for me.

I found I needed to set "selectable" to YES in the storyboard, too, before this would work.

For me with attributed text, I just needed to set the font in the attributes dictionary rather than setting it in it's own field.

Had this issue myself and the above answer helped but I added a wrapper to my ViewController code as follows and just pass the uiview instance and text to change and the wrapper function toggles the Selectable value on, changes text and then turns it off again. Helpful when you need the uitextview to be off at all times by default.

    We set the text views Selectable value to YES temporarily, change text and turn it off again.
    This is a known bug that if the selectable value = NO the view loses its formatting.
-(void)changeTextOfUiTextViewAndKeepFormatting:(UITextView*)viewToUpdate withText:(NSString*)textValue
    if(![viewToUpdate isSelectable]){
        [viewToUpdate setSelectable:YES];
        [viewToUpdate setText:textValue];
        [viewToUpdate setSelectable:NO];
        [viewToUpdate setText:textValue];
        [viewToUpdate setSelectable:NO];

Here's a quick subclass solution I often use for this problem.

class WorkaroundTextView: UITextView {
    override var text: String! {
        get {
            return super.text
        set {
            let originalSelectableValue = self.selectable
            self.selectable = true
            super.text = newValue
            self.selectable = originalSelectableValue