Recommended Fonts for Programming?

14 Answers

I've really fallen in love with Droid Sans Mono.


What fonts do you use for programming, and for what language/IDE? I use Consolas for all my Visual Studio work, any other recommendations?

ProFont. Am I the only one still using it?

I use Inconsolata with UltraEdit on Windows. With TextMate (on the Mac) I prefer Monaco (it's the default font).

I use a proportional font too. They seem good for the same reasons they work in books and magazines: the more variation between characters, the easier it is for the brain to distinguish them; and you can fit more on the screen. Indentation still works fine: 6 leading spaces is still twice as wide as 3 leading spaces.

I use a version of Georgia that I hacked to make the lower case "l" look less like the digit "1", and put a slash through the zero.

I use Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, but you need to activate ClearType to get it readable .

I like the 'Illegal1 = O0' readablility test, mentioned earlier in this thread, thanks for that.

DejaVu Sans Mono (sometimes known as Panic Sans), size 11, anti-alised. Previously I only used fonts that weren't anti-aliased, but it just seems to work for this font.

I don't use Consolas, though it does look good on LCD, but sometimes I'm not on LCD, like when I'm giving presentations and then it looks crap.

My current font of choice for programming is the Liberation Mono font.

Oh man, just discovered why the text on looks like crap, it forces Consolas which is a cleartype font, and on my current setup which didn't have cleartype enabled, it looks very bad.

Going to make a bugreport on uservoice.

Adding a vote for Consolas. It feels very easy on my eyes.