node.js --save-dev global - What is the --save option for npm install?

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To add package in dependencies:

npm install my_dep --save


npm install my_dep -S

To add package in devDependencies

npm install my_test_framework --save-dev


npm install my_test_framework -D


dependencies version --no-save

I saw some tutorial where the command was:

npm install --save

What does the --save option mean?

Not able to find the answer on Google.

As of npm 5, npm will now save by default. In case,if you would like npm to work in a similar old fashion (no autosave) to how it was working in previous versions, you can update the config option to enable autosave as below.

npm config set save false

To get the current setting, you can execute the following command:

npm config get save


You can also use -S, -D or -P which are equivalent of saving the package to an app dependency, a dev dependency or prod dependency. See more NPM shortcuts below:

-v: --version
-h, -?, --help, -H: --usage
-s, --silent: --loglevel silent
-q, --quiet: --loglevel warn
-d: --loglevel info
-dd, --verbose: --loglevel verbose
-ddd: --loglevel silly
-g: --global
-C: --prefix
-l: --long
-m: --message
-p, --porcelain: --parseable
-reg: --registry
-f: --force
-desc: --description
-S: --save
-P: --save-prod
-D: --save-dev
-O: --save-optional
-B: --save-bundle
-E: --save-exact
-y: --yes
-n: --yes false
ll and la commands: ls --long

This list of shortcuts can be obtained by running the following command:

$ npm help 7 config

As of npm 5, it is more favorable to use --save-prod (or -P) than --save but doing the same thing, as is stated in npm install. So far, --save still works if provided.

npm i (Package name) --save

Simplily, using above command we ll not need to write package name in your package.json file it ll auto add its name and dependency with version that you ll need at time when you go for production or setup another time.

npm help install

Above command ll help find out more option and correct def.shown in pic



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