default c++ Constructor initialization-list evaluation order

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To quote the standard, for clarification:

Initialization shall proceed in the following order:


  • Then, nonstatic data members shall be initialized in the order they were declared in the class definition (again regardless of the order of the mem-initializers).


c++ constructor order

I have a constructor that takes some arguments. I had assumed that they were constructed in the order listed, but in one case it appears they were being constructed in reverse resulting in an abort. When I reversed the arguments the program stopped aborting. This is an example of the syntax I'm using. The thing is, a_ needs to be initialized before b_ in this case. Can you guarantee the order of construction?


class A
    A(OtherClass o, string x, int y) :
      a_(o), b_(a_, x, y) { }

    OtherClass a_;
    AnotherClass b_;