javascript - sheets Google Apps Script function not found: doGet

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Google Apps Script Execution API: Script error message: Script function not found:【JavaScript】

In additional to link in the comment I think this code

if(target_month == null){
       var target_month = queries_sheet.getRange(1, 2).getValue();

You have to change to (no var)

 if(target_month == null){
       target_month = queries_sheet.getRange(1, 2).getValue();
doget google script

I'm getting a

Script function not found: doGet


Script function not found: doPost

when I GET/POST to my Google script:

function doGet(e){return ContentService.createTextOutput("User says")}

function doPost(e) {
  return HtmlService.createHtmlOutput(
    "<form action='' method='post' id='foo'>" + 
    "<input type='hidden' name='gmail' value='getEmail()' >" +
    "<input type='hidden' name='id' value='e.parameter.user_id' >" +    
    "</form>" +

function getEmail() {
  return Session.getActiveUser().getEmail();

The weird thing is I'll get the above error when I visit the Webapp URL on my browser. But when I use, I just get redirected to Google Drive. But when I 'Test web app for your latest code.' on, the GET response works fine.

Pretty lost as to what is going on.... here is my script:

Here are the GETs



 FROM browser -