How do I make a simple makefile for gcc on Linux?


For example this simple Makefile should be sufficient:


all: program
program: program.o
program.o: program.c program.h headers.h

    rm -f program program.o
run: program

Note there must be <tab> on the next line after clean and run, not spaces.

UPDATE Comments below applied


I have three files: program.c, program.h and headers.h.

program.c includes program.h and headers.h.

I need to compile this on Linux using gcc compiler. I'm not sure how to do this. Netbeans created one for me, but it's empty.

The simplest make file can be

all : test

test : test.o
        gcc -o test test.o 

test.o : test.c
        gcc -c test.c

clean :
        rm test *.o

gcc program.c -o program

no makefile necessary.