android current position - Get visible items in RecyclerView

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Finally, I founded a solution for know if the current item is visible, from the onBindViewHolder event in the adapter.

The key is the method isViewPartiallyVisible from LayoutManager.

In your adapter, you can get de LayoutManager from the recyclerView, which you can get from the onAttachedToRecyclerView event.

set first number

I need to know which elements are currently displayed in my RecyclerView. There is no equivalent to the OnScrollListener.onScroll(...) method on ListViews. I tried to work with View.getGlobalVisibleRect(...), but that hack is too ugly and does not always work too.

Someone any ideas?

For StaggeredGridLayoutManager do this:

RecyclerView rv = findViewById(...);
StaggeredGridLayoutManager lm = new StaggeredGridLayoutManager(...);

And to get visible item views:

int[] viewsIds = lm.findFirstCompletelyVisibleItemPositions(null);
ViewHolder firstViewHolder = rvPlantios.findViewHolderForLayoutPosition(viewsIds[0]);
View itemView = viewHolder.itemView;

Remember to check if it is empty.