java testresttemplate example - Difference between MockMvc and RestTemplate in integration tests

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With MockMvc, you're typically setting up a whole web application context and mocking the HTTP requests and responses. So, although a fake DispatcherServlet is up and running, simulating how your MVC stack will function, there are no real network connections made.

With RestTemplate, you have to deploy an actual server instance to listen for the HTTP requests you send.

mockrestserviceserver vs testing

Both MockMvc and RestTemplate are used for integration tests with Spring and JUnit.

Question is: what's the difference between them and when we should choose one over another?

Here are just examples of both options:

//MockMVC example

//RestTemplate example
ResponseEntity<User> entity ="/api/users",
            new HttpEntity<String>(...),
assertEquals(HttpStatus.OK, entity.getStatusCode());