How do I find files that do not contain a given string pattern?


Take a look at ack. It does the .svn exclusion for you automatically, gives you Perl regular expressions, and is a simple download of a single Perl program.

The equivalent of what you're looking for should be, in ack:

ack -L foo

How do I find out the files in the current directory which do not contain the word foo (using grep)?

You will actually need:

find .  -not  -ipath '.*svn*' -exec  grep  -H -E -o -c  "foo"  {} \; | grep :0\$

The following command could help you to filter the lines which include the substring "foo".

cat file | grep -v "foo"

find *20161109* -mtime -2|grep -vwE "(TRIGGER)"

You can specify the filter under "find" and the exclusion string under "grep -vwE". Use mtime under find if you need to filter on modified time too.

The following command excludes the need for the find to filter out the svn folders by using a second grep.

grep -rL "foo" ./* | grep -v "\.svn"