c# html routevalues - How do I create the correct route values for this ActionLink?

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This blog post by Scott Guthrie helped me wrap my head around URL Routing: ASP.NET MVC Framework (Part 2): URL Routing

I love that he included test cases!

html.actionlink parameters redirecttoaction

The Model of SearchResults.aspx is an instance of PersonSearch; when the request for a new page arrive (a GET request), the action method should take it and compute the new results.

public ActionResult SearchResults(PersonSearch search, int? page)
    ViewData["Results"] = new PaginatedList<Person>(_searchService.FindPersons(search), page ?? 0, 1);
    return View("SearchResults", search);

Then I have to generate the previous/next links:

<%= Html.ActionLink("Next Page >", "SearchResults", routeValues) %>

If I use routeValues = ViewData.Model I can see the object properties passed the address, but I can't add the "page" parameter.

If you are using Razor (I realize OP asked four years ago before Razor was invented, but people finding this maybe using it).

I was able to get something working by using an inline @helper method.

@helper RunnerLink(PersonSearch model, int page)
    var routeParms =new RouteValueDictionary(model.GetType().GetProperties().ToDictionary(p => p.Name, p => p.GetValue(model, null)));
    routeParms.Add("page", page.ToString());
    routeParms.Add("Controller", "Property");
    @Html.ActionLink("Search", "Index", routeParms)

Usage would be simple --

@RunnerLink(myPersonSearchInstance, 1)

It isn't the most elegant solution, but it works well if you want to pass an object in as a routeValue, but you need to pass additional items, such as Controller, Area or in OPs case page.