Cordova plugin: danwilson/google-analytics-plugin not working on android device

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Cordova and Google Analytics Plugin

Have you read the docs for the plugin?

Important Note If the latest versions (0.8.0+) of this plugin are not working for you with Android on Cordova 5.0+, please try to use an earlier version while the fix is researched via:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-google-analytics@0.7.1


I'm trying to use the google analytics on Cordova app, I've followed the instruction on the the repository , and all works well on the chrome android emulator . I see live activity on google analytics site.

but when i log into the app from the device , it seems the analytics is not recognizing the the app.

in my config.xml I have :

 < access origin="*" > 

In the android manifest I have the permissions :



When running in debug mode , i see the app is indeed going into the

cordova.exec(success, error, 'UniversalAnalytics', 'trackView', [screen]);

function , but it doesn't display any data on the google analytics view

any ideas?