Is it possible to link to a bookmark within a PDF using URL parameters?


RFC 3778 section 3 specifies "Fragment Identifiers" that can be used with PDF files, which include nameddest and page.


When providing a link to a PDF file on a website, is it possible to include information in the URL (request parameters) which will make the PDF browser plugin (if used) jump to a particular bookmark instead of just opening at the beginning?

Something like: ?

If not a bookmark, would it be possible to go to a particular page?

I'm assuming that if there is an answer it may be specific to Adobe's PDF reader plugin or something, and may have version limitations, but I'm mostly interested in whether the technique exists at all.

What is the RTF syntax for a hyperlink to a Pdf bookmark?

Here is the standard RTF version 1.5.

The example for bookmark with formtext would be

{\field{\*\fldinst {\*\bkmkstart Text1} FORMTEXT {{\*\datafield
{\fldrslt Testing the formtext field}}{\*\bkmkend Text1}\par

The example for URL would be

This is an example at: \f1{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK 
""}}{\fldrslt{\ul\f0 Go to CNN website\f0 }}}\ulnone\f0\fs24 .\par

Once you put them in a file, say test.rtf, you can open it with MicrosoftWord, then select "Select" tab, click "Bookmark", you will be able to see it and choose "Go To" button to jump to the location.