python recognition recognize - How to classify blurry numbers with openCV

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You have a couple of things you can use to your advantage:

  • The number is within the black rectangular bezel and one colour
  • The number appears to be a segmented LCD type display, if so there are only a finite number of segments which are off or on.

So I suggest you:

  • Calibrate your camera and preprocess the image to remove lens distortion
  • Rectify the display rectangle:
    • Detect the display rectangle using either the intersection of hough lines, or edge detection followed by contour detection and then pick the biggest, squarest contours
    • use GetPerspectiveTransform to get the transform between image coordinates and an ideal rectangle, then transform the input image using WarpPerspective
  • Split image into R, G and B channels and work out r - avg(g, b), this is a bit lighting dependent but should give something like this:

  • Then either try pattern matching on this, or perhaps re-segment the image and attempt to find which display segments are lit, or run through an OCR package.
in image extract

I would like to capture the number from this kind of picture.

I tried multi-scale matching from the following link.

All I want to know is the red number. But the problem is, the red number is blurry for openCV recognize/match template. Would there be other possible way to detect this red number on the black background?