[ruby-on-rails] Rails ActiveRecord date between


I would personally created a scope to make it more readable and re-usable:

In you Comment.rb, you can define a scope:

scope :created_between, lambda {|start_date, end_date| where("created_at >= ? AND created_at <= ?", start_date, end_date )}

Then to query created between:

@comment.created_between(1.year.ago, Time.now)

Hope it helps.


I need to query comments made in one day. The field is part of the standard timestamps, is created_at. The selected date is coming from a date_select. How can I use ActiveRecord to do that?

I need somthing like:

"SELECT * FROM comments WHERE created_at BETWEEN '2010-02-03 00:00:00' AND '2010-02-03 23:59:59'"

there are several ways. You can use this method:

start = @selected_date.beginning_of_day
end = @selected_date.end_of_day
@comments = Comment.where("DATE(created_at) BETWEEN ? AND ?", start, end)

Or this:

@comments = Comment.where(:created_at => @selected_date.beginning_of_day..@selected_date.end_of_day)

If you only want to get one day it would be easier this way:

Comment.all(:conditions => ["date(created_at) = ?", some_date])

I ran this code to see if the checked answer worked, and had to try swapping around the dates to get it right. This worked--

Day.where(:reference_date => 3.months.ago..Time.now).count
#=> 721

If you're thinking the output should have been 36, consider this, Sir, how many days is 3 days to 3 people?

Comment.find(:all, :conditions =>["date(created_at) BETWEEN ? AND ? ", '2011-11-01','2011-11-15'])