gdb print memory - Accessing program information that gdb sees in C++

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I remember using libbfd to get function names from object files. It's a library for reading object formats, maybe you can also read other debug information using this. (I don't know to be honest)


gdb print string at address

I have a program written in C++, on Linux, compiled with -g.

When I run it under gdb, I can

1) set breakpoints
2) at those breakpoints, print out variables
3) see the stackframe
4) given a variable that's a structure, print out parts of the structure (i.e. how ddd displays information).

Now, given that my program is compiled with "-g" -- is there anyway that I can access this power within my program itself?

I.e. given that my program is compiled with "-g", is there some

std::vector<string> getStackFrame();

function I can call to get the current stackframe at the current point of execution?

Given a pointer to an object and it's type ... can I do

std::vector getClassMember(class_name);


I realize the default answer is "no, C++ doesn't support that level of introspection" -- however, recall I'm on linux, my program is compiled with "-g", and gdb can do it, so clearly the inforamtion is there. Question is: is there some API for accessing it?

EDIT: PS Naysers, I'd love to see a reason for closing this question.

The concept of "ELF debug info" doesn't really exist: the ELF specification leaves the content of the .debug section deliberately unspecified.

Common debug formats are STAB and DWARF. A library to read DWARF is libdwarf.