C# Default scope resolution

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if you want to use it by default, replace

using Windows.Forms;


using MyPackage.MyClass;

If you do that, you'll need to fully qualify all the buttons from Windows.Forms.

Or, if you want to, you can alias the namespace

using My = MyPackage.MyClass;
//... then
My.Button b = ...

Or alias the button

using MyButton = MyPackage.MyClass.Button;

I have inherited a c# class 'Button' (which I can't change) which clashes with the BCL class 'Windows.Forms.Button'. Normally, Id be very happy to go:


But there are a large number or references to this class which is a pain to have to re-type.

Is there any way to get the compiler (linker?) to default to using the customised version of Button over the BCL version?