How to set up a DB2 linked server on a 64-bit SQL Server 2005? [sql-server]


What provider are you using for Sql 2000? I'm pretty sure MS has an x64 OLEDB driver for DB2 (part of Host Integration Server, but available as a separate download). IBM has x64 for .NET and ODBC, and possible OLEDB as well (though it's a PITA to find).

Once you get the linked server setup, I'm pretty sure all of your other requirements would be automatic....


I need to create a linked server to a DB2 database on a mainframe. Has anyone done this successfully on a 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005? If so, which provider and settings were used?

It's important that the linked server work whether we are using a Windows authenticated account to login to SQL Server or a SQL Server login. It's also important that both the 4-part name and OPENQUERY query methods are functional. We have one set up on a SQL Server 2000 machine that works well, but it uses a provider that's not available for 64-bit SS 2005.