[javascript] How can I trigger an onchange event manually?

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MDN suggests that there's a much cleaner way of doing this in modern browsers:

// Assuming we're listening for e.g. a 'change' event on `element`

// Create a new 'change' event
var event = new Event('change');

// Dispatch it.

This question already has an answer here:

I'm setting a date-time textfield value via a calendar widget. Obviously, the calendar widget does something like this :

document.getElementById('datetimetext').value = date_value;

What I want is : On changing value in the date-time textfield I need to reset some other fields in the page. I've added a onchange event listener to the datetimetext field which is not getting triggered, because I guess onchange gets triggered only when the element gets focus & its value is changed on losing focus.

Hence I'm looking for a way to manually trigger this onchange event (which I guess should take care of checking the value difference in the text field).

Any ideas ?