ios - 9Xcode 8.3.3 “No accounts with iTunes Connect access”

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I suspect that Apple has broken something with the IOS 11, etc upgrades going on. It was all working fine over the last few months, including yesterday, and suddenly today its broken.

As a temporary solution, I had to use export to local disk (from Archive), then select: XCode/Open Developer Tool/Application Loader.

no itunes connect access for the team xcode 9

When trying to upload an App to iTunes connect in Xcode 8.3.3, I get the error:

iTunes Connect access for "Team-Name" is required. Add an account in the Accounts preference plane.

The account already exists and (in some cases) has been working without incident previously.

How do I get around this issue with Xcode so that I can upload my app to the AppStore?

I just spoke with an Apple rep, and he said I had to update to Xcode 9 GM and rebuild. After doing that, I was able to upload builds again.

On Xcode 9.3.3, a simple restart of Xcode fixed the issue for me.

It works for me to follow the steps:

  1. Archive the app with Xcode 8.3.3.
  2. Upload to iTunes Connect with Xcode 9 GM.

When nothing works. Just restart your computer and try again! Nonsense but works like magic.

I did as some of you suggested, I used the Export function in Archive/Organizer to export an .ipa, then go to the Xcode application, use the Show Contents, then nav to "Application" and "Application Loader" and uploaded my app using Loader and that all worked perfectly!

In My case none of the above solutions worked,

I have an access for both Developer account and iTunes Connect account, but I faced the same Issue.

The only option worked for me is updating my MAC OS before it was 10.13.4, after update to 10.13.6 the problem was resolved. Hope this will help to someone.