add collection - Converting Firebase Database to Cloud Firestore

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Since the data models are so different, there isn't an automatic way to achieve this. You'll need to write your own method based on the needs of your app.

The documentation provides an overview of the differences.

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May all of you get Good News about Cloud Firestore by Firebase.

As I want to convert my Firebase Database to Cloud Firestore is there any simple way to convert It?

I want to move on Cloud Firestore.

How to transfer my Firebase Realtime database to Firebase Cloud Firestore

If you're looking for a magic button that can convert your database from the Realtime Database to Cloud Firestore, there isn't one! And as far as you read, Firebase creators won't create one. So unfortunately, you'll need to convert the database yourself.

Hope it helps.

I don't recommend you changing now, its is still in its BETA version and they are coming up with new things every now and then. I suggest to wait. Let them make up their mind first :P