java names mono - How to retrieve a list of available/installed fonts in android?

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Regarding the actual question, here is a way to create a list of all available fonts installed:

String path = "/system/fonts";
File file = new File(path);
File ff[] = file.listFiles();

Array ff[] will contain all the font files.

friendly supported platform

In Java I would do something like:

java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment ge = 
Font[] fonts = ge.getAllFonts(); 

is there an Android equivalent?

Android includes 3 base fonts, but unlike iOS, allow you to use just about any font you'd like. You can simply embed it with your app, instead of being limited to a preset list of fonts like Apple does (Apple doesn't allow font embedding). Pretty convenient.

Note that this is for Android itself, but web browsers (including the basic pre-installed Android web browser) does support all the standard HTML fonts.