excel iex Any good Finance API?

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You can also use YahooAPIs and send a YQL query that returns an XML document, such as:


To make things easier, I wrote a simple YahooFinanceAPI script on GitHub. Example usage:

$y = new YahooFinanceAPI;

For more complete information you can view an article I wrote at http://thesimplesynthesis.com/article/finance-apis/.

best cryptocurrency api

Yahoo! Finance feeds are pain in the ass.

Google Finance API seems OK but don't know why I can't retrieve stock quotes information for Dow Johnes, NASDAQ, S&P...

Works perfect with company quotes like YHOO, MSFT but don't gets full data for stock indexes.

There is an article at YQL blog on how to get this data from Open tables with YQL, but that table is missing in the list.

Can anybody recommend any good API, web service or a feed?

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