mvc tutorial - Does the Razor View Engine work for Mono?

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I tried searching a bit and didn't find an answer. Does the Razor View Engine work in Mono?

Mono 2.10 onwards fully supports MVC3 and Razor, albeit the Mono Project cannot currently ship Mono with an open-source implementation of the MVC3/Razor stack included (in the same way as MVC1 and MVC2 are included) just yet.

From the Release Notes:

Although ASP.NET MVC3 is open source and licensed under the terms of the MS-PL license, it takes a few dependencies on new libraries that are not open source nor are they part of the Microsoft.NET Framework.

At this point we do not have open source implementations of those libraries, so we can not ship the full ASP.NET MVC3 stack with Mono (We still ship ASP.NET MVC 1 and MVC 2 with Mono for your deployment enjoyment).

This Mono release however has enough bug fixes and patches that you will be able to run ASP.NET MVC3 sites with it.