Samples for Domain Driven Design (esp .NET focused)

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Mark Nijhof made a great .Net example app using the CQRS pattern which is a hot implementation of DDD. You can read all about it on Marks blog


Ok so I've ordered Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: Using .Net, but while I wait for it to arrive I'm looking at starting to apply the techniques in my current project. I really grasp the concepts quite well now, but when I try to apply them I get caught up with the execution and end up leaking my respsonsibilities across the various projects. As such I'm looking for resources out there that can guide me in the right direction, especially sample projects with actual code that I can work against. I remember a sample site out there in the Alt.Net world that had a real working project that people could browse but can't seem to find it? Does anyone out there have that link, or any other links they could share??

Edit: I have since found this sample application from the site (although it is Java based) as well as the example outlined below.

I am still looking for the Alt.Net sample application if anyone knows where to find it?

Is there a .NET porting of Domain Driven Design's “Time and Money” project?

As far as I can tell, this was never ported to .Net, mainly I guess since the projects are by nature so domain specific it's rare for one to be ported at all.

There are however, a lot of other examples out there for .Net, check out this question's answers, hopefully something useful for you: Samples for Domain Driven Design (esp .NET focused)