change canvas size javascript - Maximum size of a <canvas> element

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I've ran into out of memory errors on Firefox with canvas heights greater than 8000, chrome seems to handle much higher, at least to 32000.

EDIT: After running some more tests, I've found some very strange errors with Firefox 16.0.2.

First, I seem to get different behavior from in memory (created in javascript) canvas as opposed to html declared canvas.

Second, if you don't have the proper html tag and meta charset, the canvas might be restricted to 8196, otherwise you can go up to 32767.

Third, if you get the 2d context of the canvas and then change the canvas size, you might be restricted to 8196 as well. Simply setting the canvas size before grabbing the 2d context allows you to have up to 32767 without getting memory errors.

I haven't been able to consistently get the memory errors, sometimes it's only on the first page load, and then subsequent height changes work. This is the html file I was testing with

html canvas size

I'm working with a canvas element with a height of 600 to 1000 pixels and a width of several tens or hundreds of thousands of pixels. However, after a certain number of pixels (obviously unknown), the canvas no longer display shapes I draw with JS.

Does anyone know if there's a limit? Thanks.

Edit: tested both in Chrome 12 and Firefox 4.

To expand a bit on @FredericCharette answer: As per safari's content guide under section "Know iOS Resource Limits":

The maximum size for a canvas element is 3 megapixels for devices with less than 256 MB RAM and 5 megapixels for devices with greater or equal than 256 MB RAM

Therefore, any size variation of 5242880 (5 x 1024 x 1024) pixels will work on large memory devices, otherwise it's 3145728 pixels.

Example for 5 megapixel canvas (width x height):

Any total <= 5242880
5 x 1048576 ~= 5MP   (1048576 = 1024 x 1024)
50 x 104857 ~= 5MP
500 x 10485 ~= 5MP

and so on..

The largest SQUARE canvases are ("MiB" = 1024x1024 Bytes):

device < 256 MiB   device >= 256 MiB   iPhone 6 [not confirmed]
-----------------  -----------------   ---------------------
<= 3145728 pixels  <= 5242880 pixels   <= 16 x 1024 x 1024 p
1773 x 1773        2289 x 2289         4096 x 4096

Even though the canvas will allow you to put height=2147483647, when you start drawing, nothing will happen

Drawing happens only when I bring the height back to 32767

On PC-
I don't think there is a restriction but yes you can get out of memory exception.

On Mobile devices-
Here is the restrictions for the canvas for mobile devices:-

The maximum size for a canvas element is 3 megapixels for devices with less than 256 MB RAM and 5 megapixels for devices with greater or equal than 256 MB RAM.

So for example - if you want to support Apple’s older hardware, the size of your canvas cannot exceed 2048×1464.

Hope these resources will help you to pull you out.

The limitations for Safari (all platforms) are much lower.

Known iOS/Safari Limitations

For example, I had a 6400x6400px canvas buffer with data drawn onto it. By tracing/ exporting the content and by testing on other browsers, I was able to see that everything was fine. But on Safari, it would skip the drawing of this specific buffer onto my main context.

I don't know how to detect the max possible size without itteration, but you can detect if a given canvas size works by filling a pixel and then reading the colour back out. If the canvas has not rendered then the color you get back will not match. W

partial code:

function rgbToHex(r, g, b) {
    if (r > 255 || g > 255 || b > 255)
        throw "Invalid color component";
    return ((r << 16) | (g << 8) | b).toString(16);
var test_colour = '8ed6ff';
working_context.fillStyle = '#' + test_colour;
var colour_data = working_context.getImageData(0, 0, 1, 1).data;
var colour_hex = ("000000" + rgbToHex(colour_data[0], colour_data[1], colour_data[2])).slice(-6);