linux windows example - How to use CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

1 Answers

There are two ways to use this variable:

  • passing it as a command line argument just like Job mentioned:

    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=< install_path > ..

  • assigning value to it in CMakeLists.txt:

    SET(CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX < install_path >)

    But do remember to place it BEFORE PROJECT(< project_name>) command, otherwise it will not work!

not working cmake_prefix_path

I want to generate Makefile with install target, making installation to /usr instead of default /usr/local. Assuming that build directory is done in the source subdirectory, I execute:


CMakeCache.txt contains: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr (OK?)

Now I execute:

make install

All files are still installed to usr/local. What is wrong?

Edit: There is no CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in any of CMakeLists.txt project files. Before running cmake, I delete everything from the output directory. install directives in CMakeLists.txt look like:

install(TARGETS mylibrary DESTINATION lib)