a “forgot user password” standard class or script in php/mysql environment?

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You can steal it from a wide variety of frameworks/CMSs. Drupal, Kohana, etc...

I am hoping that there is a standard class/php script that we can use for the "forgot password" functionality. It seems almost every website has one, and I'd like to reduce the development time on it.

It appears that a common approach is:

  1. click on Forgot password
  2. User receives via email a "reset password" link
  3. Click on the link allows typing in "new password" "retype password"
  4. life is good

I don't want to do it from scratch, hoping someone who has thought through any nuances can point me to pre-existing code. It would seem that this is a pretty standardized.

All: got some responses, but I'm hoping perhaps someone can recommend a pretty standard class or CMS that meets generally accepted security guidelines.