objective-c missing input - compilation warning: no rule to process file for architecture i386

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Graphical guide for Xcode 4.x to remove this warning:


and build swift

How can I resolve this warning?

[WARN]warning: no rule to process file '$(PROJECT_DIR)/MyApp/MessageCell.h' of type sourcecode.objj.h for architecture i386

If you are getting this warning from your cocoapod you ned to make sure the s.source_files is set correctly in the .podspec.

For example I originally included all files with this line in my .podspec

s.source_files = "MyUIElements/**/*"

I was getting this compilation warning for some font files I had in the pod. You control which files show up in BuildPhases -> CompileSources on pod consumption like this:

s.source_files = "MyUIElements/**/*.swift", "MyUIElements/**/*.h"