c++ make "-j" - Compiling with g++ using multiple cores

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There is no such flag, and having one runs against the Unix philosophy of having each tool perform just one function and perform it well. Spawning compiler processes is conceptually the job of the build system. What you are probably looking for is the -j (jobs) flag to GNU make, a la

make -j4

Or you can use pmake or similar parallel make systems.

pipe gcc enable

Quick question: what is the compiler flag to allow g++ to spawn multiple instances of itself in order to compile large projects quicker (for example 4 source files at a time for a multi-core CPU)?

Many thanks.

make will do this for you. Investigate the -j and -l switches in the man page. I don't think g++ is parallelizable.

I'm not sure about g++, but if you're using GNU Make then "make -j N" (where N is the number of threads make can create) will allow make to run multple g++ jobs at the same time (so long as the files do not depend on each other).