unit-testing testing best - .NET Unit test runner for iOS

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I've wanted the same thing myself for quite some time. I think building one is the only option...

Can't imagine porting this GUI to iOS:

I think the only reasonable solution might be to show a simple UITableView on the device/simulator with test name and red/green checkmarks, and post the full NUnit results via http to server software somewhere.

Sounds like you'd have to write a MonoDevelop add-in that serves up an API for remote NUnit runners to send data to. Not really a trivial task.

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Has anyone written (or know about) a .net unit-test runner, preference to NUnit, that runs on iOS ? or do I have to roll my own ?

My goal is to execute the unit tests on the simulator or devices. So far I've seen quite a few posts / blogs on mocking monotouch.dll (but running the tests on a PC) and one answer stating the lack of such tool.