[java] Comparing Querydsl, jOOQ, JEQUEL, activejdbc, iciql and other query DSLs


You should also look at MyBatis Statement Builder.

While MyBatis is clearly a mapping technology it does have a Statement builder DSL that seems to be decoupled from MyBatis (that is you don't need anything else from MyBatis to use the builders... annoyingly its not in its own jar). I don't like it because it uses ThreadLocals.


Can someone point me to some resources about the performance comparison among the different Query DSL libraries available for using with Java, like: Querydsl, jOOQ, JEQUEL, activejdbc, iciql and etc...

Background: I m using Spring JDBC template, but that still required the queries to be written in plain string format. Although I don't have issues in writing the direct queries, but I m concerned having direct dependency on DB table names. I don't want to use any ORM framework like Hibernate or JPA/EclipseLink. I need the raw performance as high as possible (IMO, they are good for more CRUD centric applications). I can afford some slight overhead for the these DSLs only if that is a little (I believe, it'll be mostly StringBuilder/String concatenations!)

I've considered using named queries externalised in some xml. But just trying to evaluate the value different Query DSL libraries provide.

Edit: more on my requirement: I want to know the performance comparison among these when building a moderately complex query using their API methods. All I need is to generate a query string using any of these query DSL libraries and pass that to Spring JDBC template. So, I want to know if addition of this intermediate step incurs considerable performance penalty, I want to use named queries or build my own library which just uses StingBuilder or similar approach

update my experience with jOOQ, iciql, QueryDSL:

All though I missed to mention this in my original post, I m also keen about the ease of use & the overhead I need to have in my entity classes (like if any additional annotations or implementations required).


  • requires changing the entity properties to the library specific way
  • can return SQL query string


  • entity can be mapped with no or little changes (can be mapped using total 3 ways)
  • but with that it limits to only select queries (for update/delete/... requires entity changes again)


  • multiple ways to bind entities with table (other than library specific ways, using JPA annotations is supported). but we need to modify the entities at least
  • no simple/direct way to get the query string

(all observations are with little knowledge I've on these; if any of these are incorrect, please correct)

With all of the above, I m sticking with writing named queries :( But as the Lukas Eder answer seems explains about my original post concern (performance), I've accepted his.