ruby-on-rails generate column - How do you write a migration to rename an ActiveRecord model and its table in Rails?

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In Rails 4 all I had to do was the def change

def change
  rename_table :old_table_name, :new_table_name

And all of my indexes were taken care of for me. I did not need to manually update the indexes by removing the old ones and adding new ones.

And it works using the change for going up or down in regards to the indexes as well.

drop foreign key

I'm terrible at naming and realize that there are a better set of names for my models in my Rails app.
Is there any way to use a migration to rename a model and its corresponding table?

You also need to replace your indexes:

class RenameOldTableToNewTable< ActiveRecord:Migration
  def self.up
    remove_index :old_table_name, :column_name
    rename_table :old_table_name, :new_table_name
    add_index :new_table_name, :column_name

  def self.down
    remove_index :new_table_name, :column_name
    rename_table :new_table_name, :old_table_name
    add_index :old_table_name, :column_name

And rename your files etc, manually as other answers here describe.


Make sure you can rollback and roll forward after you write this migration. It can get tricky if you get something wrong and get stuck with a migration that tries to effect something that no longer exists. Best trash the whole database and start again if you can't roll back. So be aware you might need to back something up.

Also: check schema_db for any relevant column names in other tables defined by a has_ or belongs_to or something. You'll probably need to edit those too.

And finally, doing this without a regression test suite would be nuts.