jQuery drag'n'drop multiple elements

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This is by far the simplest solution that I've found to a multi-item drag and drop. It's by brianpeiris. He created a demo of it here in answer to the stackoverflow question grouping draggable objects with jquery-ui draggable. I just wish that I'd found it before I found all the other solutions.


I'm currently developing a web file browser using jquery and php. One of my sub-tasks is to be able to select a couple of files/folders and drop them into another folder.

From my research I see that jquery ui has draggable and droppable which do the work at 80%.
What should be done to be able to select a couple of elements and drop them? Can it be done with the existing draggable/droppable plugins from jquery ui? If not can you recommend any plugins for jquery that can do the work?

Using Jquery to get a value when two seperate words are dropped on a target

Take a look at this question: jQuery UI dragging, update target element. What the person wanted to know about here is how to trigger an event whenever you drag an item over a target.

What you may wish to consider is something where dragging an element over the target adds the value to a JavaScript/jQuery variable or array. When the user drags the second element over the target, it adds/appends that new value onto the first variable/array you already set. If the combined value matches the correct answer, show the user it is correct. If not, let them know that's not the right answer and reset the values.

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