Mimicking the functionality of iOS banner style notifications / in app navigation

1 Answers

You could very easily present a clear button over the view with an "if" statement that matches your criteria and perform a view animation from there with the transition back to the other view.


I currently have my app setup to receive push notifications. When I am in the app and I receive a push notification, I have a custom UIView slide down from the top of the screen and displays the notification (similar to the new version of Whatsapps). Essentially I am trying to mimic the banner style notifications in iOS 5.

What I am looking to do now is have that UIView clickable. When clicked, based off of the type of notification received, will bring me to a different view controller (similar to how whatsapp does it).

For example, I am in chatroom A. I receive a message in chatroom B. The slider view comes down, I tap that and it brings me to chatroom B. In the push notification I am essentially passing the chatroomID which I can use to identify which room (essentially some view) I would like to join.

I have a root view controller setup already with a navigation controller as well. I am modally pushing other view controllers as the user navigates throughout the app. Would I dismiss the current view and push the next view when receiving a notification?

Also how would I go about making my slider view detect taps like the iOS banner notification? (and maybe have a selected animation, similar to the "grey clicked style" in a UITableView)?