.net f# parallel - Does (or will) C# include features for side-effects verification?

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Not only is there nothing for side-effect verification - there's nothing even to verify that a type is immutable, which is a smaller step along the same route IMO.

I don't believe there's anything coming down the pipe in C# 4.0 (although I could easily be wrong). I really hope that immutability makes an impact in C# 5.0; certainly Eric Lippert has blogged quite a bit about it, and folks at MS have been thinking about parallelism a fair amount.

Sorry it's not a more encouraging picture.

Edit: Judah's answer is considerably brighter... would framework support be good enough for you? :) (I wouldn't be entirely surprised if some aspects of Code Contracts weren't ready for .NET 4.0, mind you - if perhaps they kept the initial release relatively small and boosted it later.)

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I know C# is getting a lot of parallel programming support, but AFAIK there is still no constructs for side-effects verification, right?

I assume it's more tricky now that C# is already laid out. But are there plans to get this in? Or is F# the only .NET language that has constructs for side-effects verification?