api. the for guide developer’s How do I access (read, write) to Google Sheets spreadsheets with Python?

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Have a look at GitHub - gspread.

I found it to be very easy to use and since you can retrieve a whole column by

first_col = worksheet.col_values(1)

and a whole row by

second_row = worksheet.row_values(2)

you can more or less build some basic select ... where ... = ... easily.

google sheets api python example

I am wondering if you can point me to an example of reading/writing to/from a google doc/spreadsheet using python.

I did look at google docs API here https://developers.google.com/google-apps/spreadsheets/ but not sure if I hit the right link. Also an example will be of great help.

What I am trying to do is query spreadsheets based on the different columns more like a SQL query and then do some downstream parsing with the data and put it into another spreadsheet or doc at google docs.

Best, -Abhi

Take a look at gspread port for api v4 - pygsheets. It should be very easy to use rather than the google client.

Sample example

import pygsheets

gc = pygsheets.authorize()

# Open spreadsheet and then workseet
sh = gc.open('my new ssheet')
wks = sh.sheet1

# Update a cell with value (just to let him know values is updated ;) )
wks.update_cell('A1', "Hey yank this numpy array")

# update the sheet with array
wks.update_cells('A2', my_nparray.to_list())

# share the sheet with your friend

See the docs here.

Author here.

I think you're looking at the cell-based feeds section in that API doc page. Then you can just use the PUT/ GET requests within your Python script, using either commands.getstatusoutput or subprocess.