events onclick pass - Javascript event handler with parameters

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Something you can try is using the bind method, I think this achieves what you were asking for. If nothing else, it's still very useful.

function doClick(elem, func) {
  var diffElem = document.getElementById('some_element'); //could be the same or different element than the element in the doClick argument
  diffElem.addEventListener('click', func.bind(diffElem, elem))

function clickEvent(elem, evt) {
  // 'this' and elem can be the same thing if the first parameter 
  // of the bind method is the element the event is being attached to from the argument passed to doClick

var elem = document.getElementById('elem_to_do_stuff_with');
doClick(elem, clickEvent);
jquery arguments to

I want to make an eventHandler that passes the event and some parameters. The problem is that the function doesn't get the element. Here is an example:

doClick = function(func){
    var elem = .. // the element where it is all about
    elem.onclick = function(e){
        func(e, elem);
doClick(function(e, element){
    // do stuff with element and the event

The 'elem' must be defined outside of anonymous function. How can i get the passed element to use within the anonymous function? Is there a way to do this?

And what about addEventListener? I don't seem to be able to pass the event through an addEventListener at all do I ?


I seemed to fix the problem with 'this'

doClick = function(func){
    var that = this;
    this.element.onclick = function(e){
        func(e, that);

Where this contains this.element that i can access in the function.

The addEventListener

But i'm wondering about the addEventListener:

function doClick(elem, func){
    element.addEventListener('click', func(event, elem), false);

It is an old question but a common one. So let me add this one here.

With ES2015 syntax you can achieve it more succinct way:

function event_handler(event, arg) {
  console.log(event, arg);

element.addEventListener('click', (event) => event_handler(event, 'Here comes the argument'));

let obj = MyObject();

elem.someEvent( function(){ obj.func(param) } );

//calls the MyObject.func, passing the param.