ruby-on-rails rails model - What is causing this ActiveRecord::ReadOnlyRecord error?

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Or in Rails 3 you can use the readonly method (replace "..." with your conditions):

( Deck.joins(:card) & Card.where('...') ).readonly(false)
attribute connection def

This follows this prior question, which was answered. I actually discovered I could remove a join from that query, so now the working query is

start_cards = DeckCard.find :all, :joins => [:card], :conditions => ["deck_cards.deck_id = ? and cards.start_card = ?",, true]  

This appears to work. However, when I try to move these DeckCards into another association, I get the ActiveRecord::ReadOnlyRecord error.

Here's the code

for player in @game.players 
  player.tableau =
  start_card = start_cards.pop 
  start_card.draw_pile = false
  player.tableau.deck_cards << start_card  # the error occurs on this line

and the relevant Models (tableau are the players cards on the table)

class Player < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :game
  belongs_to :user
  has_one :hand
  has_one :tableau

class Tableau < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :player
  has_many :deck_cards

class DeckCard < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :card
  belongs_to :deck  

I am doing a similar action just after this code, adding DeckCards to the players hand, and that code is working fine. I wondered if I needed belongs_to :tableau in the DeckCard Model, but it works fine for the adding to player's hand. I do have a tableau_id and hand_id columns in the DeckCard table.

I looked up ReadOnlyRecord in the rails api, and it doesn't say much beyond the description.

select('*') seems to fix this in Rails 3.2:

>'*').joins(:slugs).where('slugs.slug' => 'the-slug').first.readonly?
=> false

Just to verify, omitting select('*') does produce a readonly record:

> Contact.joins(:slugs).where('slugs.slug' => 'the-slug').first.readonly?
=> true

Can't say I understand the rationale but at least it's a quick and clean workaround.

To deactivate it...

module DeactivateImplicitReadonly
  def custom_join_sql(*args)
    result = super
    @implicit_readonly = false
ActiveRecord::Relation.send :include, DeactivateImplicitReadonly