makefile example add_library - Cmake vs make sample codes?

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Grab some software that uses CMake as its buildsystem (there's plenty of opensource projects to choose from as an example). Get the source code and configure it using CMake. Read resulting makefiles and enjoy.

One thing to keep in mind that those tools don't map one-to-one. The most obvious difference is that CMake scans for dependencies between different files (e.g. C header and source files), whereas make leaves that to the makefile authors.

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I was wondering if there was any sample code for Makefiles (make) and CMakeLists.txt (cmake) that both do the same thing (the only difference being that one is written in make and the other in cmake).

I tried looking for 'cmake vs make', but I never found any code comparisons. It would be really helpful to understand the differences, even if just for a simple case.