Any Java experience on Raspberry PI?

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Raspberry Pi has only 185MB available for the whole JVM. (after boot, with 16MB to video processing).

Then, you need to use aggresive and precise memory options (-Xmx120M -XX:MaxPermSize=55M -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=4M -Djava.awt.headless=true)

I have made an application based on Jetty, Spring 3 and Hibernate/JPA. Just after deployment, it fit in about 15MB of Heap space and 32MB of non heap space (using JProfiler memory analysis)

Each loaded class is permanent memory lost, because PermGen space can't be garbage collected. A lot of classes are loaded only for initialization support, but will stay loaded forever. Maybe tweeks can be found to consume less PermGen space for each component.

run java on raspberry pi

Is it possible to run average java app server on e.g. jboss or glassfish server on Raspberry pi? Any limitations? Does anyone have an experience in Java development for raspberry pi?

At least any appropriate JVM for RPi will be nice.