[html] How to create hyperlink to call phone number on mobile devices?

1 Answers

- doesnt make matter but + sign is important when mobile user is in roaming
this is the standard format

<a href="tel:+4917640206387">+49 (0)176 - 402 063 87</a>

You can read more about it in the spec, see Make Telephone Numbers "Click-to-Call".


What is the proper, universal format for creating a clickable hyperlink for users on mobile devices to call a phone number?

Area code with dashes

<a href="tel:555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes

<a href="tel:5555551212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with dashes and 1

<a href="tel:1-555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes and 1

<a href="tel:15555551212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with dashes, 1 and + sign

<a href="tel:+1-555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes, 1 and + sign

<a href="tel:+15555551212">555-555-1212</a>

I used:

Tel: <a href="tel:+123 123456789">+123 123456789</a>

and the result is:

Tel: +123 123456789

Where "Tel:" stands for pure text and only the number is coded and clickable.