java module add - how to setup intellij idea multi language project

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I don't think there is a way of doing that.

You'll probably have to import the maven project and then add the rest of the folders, yourself, configure the correct plugins, etc.

At least that's what I do in a couple of projects where I have Java and Python source files in the mix.

Sometimes, it works even better to simply define different modules for the different types of "sub-project", especially when it's a whole different language and you happen to need to setup a compiler etc, I've ran into some problems with IntelliJ not recognizing my Python modules correctly when I mixed them up in a Java project. All went well when I created a separate module.

dependency on another

Is there a way to open in/import to intellij idea project which contains different language source files? For example I have java (maven) + html + javascript project and, unfortunately, I'm able to import only maven project. Is there a way to open/import entire project as a single whole?

Thanks in advance!