Open Source Java Profilers


you've got a list here (listing them below, in-case link gets broken)

  • JMemProf
  • JMP
  • DrMem
  • JTreeProfiler
  • NetBeans Profiler
  • JAMon API
  • JBoss Profiler
  • MessAdmin
  • InfraRED
  • TomcatProbe
  • Java Interactive Profiler (JIP)
  • Profiler4j
  • Stopwatch
  • JMeasurement
  • DJProf
  • TIJmp
  • Allmon
  • Appspy
  • EurekaJ
  • japex
  • OKTECH Profiler
  • Perf4j

What can you guys recommend to use with Java?

Only requirement is it should be open source, or has not too expensive academic licence .

JRockit Mission Control, it's free to use for development and it integrates with Eclipse. It has very low overhead (<1%) since it piggybacks on the data the JVM is gathering anyway.

It's very easy to use and it can also give a lot information you typically won't find in other profiling tools, e.g. latency profiling, online memory inspection, detailed gc statistics

Netbeans IDE includes a free profiler.

Also, if I remember correctly, the academic license for JProfiler is (relatively) inexpensive.

Java has a basic built in profiler called HProf. I find it useful to compare the results it provides with results from more fully features profilers.