angularjs-directive attribute to - How can I dynamically add a directive in AngularJS?

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In addition to perfect Riceball LEE's example of adding a new element-directive

newElement = $compile("<div my-directive='n'></div>")($scope)

Adding a new attribute-directive to existed element could be done using this way:

Let's say you wish to add on-the-fly my-directive to the span element.

template: '<div>Hello <span>World</span></div>'

link: ($scope, $element, $attrs) ->

  span = $element.find('span').clone()
  span.attr('my-directive', 'my-directive')
  span = $compile(span)($scope)
  $element.find('span').replaceWith span

Hope that helps.

element angular2 div

I have a very boiled down version of what I am doing that gets the problem across.

I have a simple directive. Whenever you click an element, it adds another one. However, it needs to be compiled first in order to render it correctly.

My research led me to $compile. But all the examples use a complicated structure that I don't really know how to apply here.

Fiddles are here:

And the JS is here:

var module = angular.module('testApp', [])
    .directive('test', function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        template: '<p>{{text}}</p>',
        scope: {
            text: '@text'
            $( element ).click(function(){
                // TODO: This does not do what it's supposed to :(
                $(this).parent().append("<test text='n'></test>");

Solution by Josh David Miller:

function addAttr(scope, el, attrName, attrValue) {
  el.replaceWith($compile(el.clone().attr(attrName, attrValue))(scope));

Josh David Miller is correct.

PCoelho, In case you're wondering what $compile does behind the scenes and how HTML output is generated from the directive, please take a look below

The $compile service compiles the fragment of HTML("< test text='n' >< / test >") that includes the directive("test" as an element) and produces a function. This function can then be executed with a scope to get the "HTML output from a directive".

var compileFunction = $compile("< test text='n' > < / test >");
var HtmlOutputFromDirective = compileFunction($scope);

More details with full code samples here: