system.web.optimization bundle - Enable bundling and minification in debug mode in ASP.NET MVC 4

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add BundleTable.EnableOptimizations = true; in Application_Start() method of Global.asax file

example bundle.config webforms

I can't believe I cannot find other questions about this, but: how does one enable bundling in debug mode? I know how it is enabled for release mode, but in debug mode I cannot find a way to enable the bundling.

Is this even possible or am I missing something?

The official MS site states while Debugging it's not possible to enable it. I think the reason is, that it's easier to debug while it's disabled. If you want to test the Impact on your application you have to set <compilation debug="true" /> in the Web.config

@Hebe: To Quote the MS page

It's easy to debug your JavaScript in a development environment (where the compilation Element in the Web.config file is set to debug="true" ) because the JavaScript files are not bundled or minified.